Ficus melinocarpa  is an unusual fig in Section Sycidium which grows as a tall forest forest tree up to 40m.

This individual growing on the ridge top of Bombalai Hill in Tawau Hills Park in Sabah was fruiting heavily  when photographed in early August 2023.

All section Syscidum figs are  dioecious which means separate male and female trees and figs.

Male figs are not eaten by dispersers and so despite the large crop of figs there were no animal visitors  to this fig tree.

The photograph below clearly shows a large area of wood rot in the main trunk so this individual fig tree  is clearly nearing the end of it’s life.

All photos and information thanks to Shavez Cheema, Chun Xing WONG and Yulinda Wahyuni  of 1 Stop Borneo Wildlife