Ficus nervosa leaves and figs.

This generally rare fig is locally common at Tabin with several mature individuals growing on the alluvial floodplain of the Tabin River within a few minutes walk of the Tabin Wildlife Resort.

Ficus nervosa, a tall emergent tree with a clean white trunk growing  in the forest on the right hand side of the main entrance to the Tabin Wildlife Resort, East Sabah.
Ficus nervosa:  Fallen fruit and leaves from a tall tree with a white trunk growing next to the river at Tabin about 100m upstream from the Tabin river bridge on the left hand side of the river looking upstream. We did not stay to photograph the tree as elephants were active in the area at the time.
Ficus nervosa. Fallen fruit and leaves from a tall tree on the Tabin river bank, near the Tabin Wildlife Resort, Tabin, East Sabah.


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