Ficus drupacea growing in the Phillipps’ garden on a casuarina tree at Tg Aru beach. Ficus drupacea is one of the most common stranglers in cultivated districts in Sabah and Brunei. Tony Lamb for scale.
Ficus drupacea  next to the Serasa roundabout in Bandar Seri Begawan, being admired by Jungle Dave and Arlene Walshe. This fig fruits prolifically several times a year.
Ficus drupacea, Serasa roundabout Brunei covered in ripening  figs. December 2016.
Ficus drupacea, Serasa, Brunei. Notice the prominent white leaf veins common to many species of figs (probably a sighting aid for fruit bats at night) and the black surface mould on some of the leaves.