Ficus microcarpa growing  as a stand alone tree in the swampy land at the back of Tg Aru Third beach. In these cases the hanging roots often develop into a dense array of thick props supporting the extensive canopy above.


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The hanging “banyan” roots of Ficus microcarpa are supposed by many locals in Borneo to be the abode of powerful spirits (datuks) which can bring good luck if the tree is respected with offerings or bad luck if the fig tree is harmed. This particular tree is right next to Prince Philip Park. If this tree is harmed I predict doom for the TAED development !
Ficus microcarpa grow on many casuarina trees (Aru trees)  at at Tg Aru beach Kota Kinabalu.
This strangling Ficus microcarpa was felled by  the tail end of a typhoon from the Philippines in September 2011.
Notice  the shallow root system of this Casuarina equisetifolia tree at Tg Aru beach blown down in the storm. Casuarinas have evolved feathery foliage with minimal wind resistance to survive strong winds. However the weak root system  of this casuarina was also carrying the much denser foliage of a Ficus microcarpa strangling fig  which led to the death of both the host and the strangler !

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