Ficus inaequipetiolata a flimsy shrub of the forest understorey locally common especially on poor soils in Sabah. There are no records from Brunei and Sarawak and only one record from Kalimantan (Sampit).
Ficus inaequipetiolata  in the forest understorey at Kipandi Butterfly Centre, 900m in the Crocker Range, Sabah.
Ficus inaequpetiolata, Kipandi. The scientific name refers to the unequal length petioles (leaf stalks),  which vary greatly in length. This is very obvious in this photograph.
Ficus inaequipetiolata, Kipandi, Crocker Range, Sabah.

ficus-inaequipetiolata-3p7a1660Ficus inaequipetiolata. Notice the relatively short basal veins, in comparison with Ficus setiflora.

Crocker Range