Ficus leptocalama, Kg Tagudon, Crocker Range, Sabah. All photos in this article by Linus Gokusing of an individual plant.
Ficus leptocalama. According to Berg’s (2005) Flora Malesia monograph this is a rare hill forest Sabah endemic which grows on rocks adjacent to streams on Kinabalu and the Crocker Range. The figs grow on rooting branches at ground level not on the the leafy branches as with Ficus rubrocuspidata.
Ficus leptocalama
Ficus leptocalama. Note the triangular surface bract on the upper fig.
Ficus leptocalama illustration from Berg (2005)  This fig is easily confused with Ficus rubrocuspidata as  illustrated below. Both are Borneo endemics.  Ficus rubrocuspidata is common throughout hill forests whilst Leptocalama is a rare, found rooting next to mountain streams in Sabah only.
Ficus rubrocuspidata illustration from Berg (2005)