Ficus rubrocuspidata. Based on the herbarium collections at Leiden (Netherlands) Ficus rubrocuspidata is the 25th most common fig in Borneo out of a total of c. 150 species.  F. rubrocuspidata is found throughout Borneo in the understorey of wet primary lowland and hill forest. All photos in this article  are of one individual plant and were taken by Linus Gokusing.
Ficus rubrocuspidata is the shrub growing in the centre of this photo taken by Linus Gokusing at 400m in logged forest at Kalabakan (Tawau district)  in Sabah.
Ficus rubrocuspidata, Kalabakan, Sabah.
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In Berg’s  (2005) Flora Malesiana monograph on the Moraceae  Ficus leptocalama and Ficus rubrocuspidata are considered to be separate species based on Corner’s original description.