Ficus beccarii, is one of 8 species of “earth figs” in Borneo.  This small tree (or large bush !) is  growing next to a stream at the Ulu Ulu Resort, Ulu Temburong, Brunei. The strange figs grow at ground level on long root like “stolons” which grow from the base of the main trunk. This plant at Ulu Ulu is growing under the shade of a Belian tree (Borneo Ironwood) Potoxylon malangangai in the middle of the Ulu Ulu Resort.
Ficus beccarii is named after the  famous Italian botanist Odorado Beccari who visited Sarawak from 1865-1868, later writing a well know book about his travels Wanderings in the Great Forests of Borneo (1904). Ficus beccarii can be recognized by the very long pointed drip tips on the leaves. The leaf itself is narrow  and largely symmetrical unlike most earth figs which have asymmetric (uneven sided ) leaves.
Ficus beccarii. This whitish fig will later ripen to bright red and double in size. Notice the small roots growing along the “stolon” which anchor it to the surface of the ground. Earth figs are dispersed by mousedeer, pigs and deer.
Ulu Ulu Resort, Temburong, Brunei. Ficus beccarii grows at the back of these buildings about half way along the passageway next to a small stream.  At least 4 different species of earth figs can be found within 50 meters of the Ulu Ulu resort buildings, F. malayana, F. beccarii, F. geocharis and F. megaleia.