Ficus geocharis. Our guide, Martin Thomas, at the Ulu Ulu Resort in Temburong, Brunei, using a stick to point to a fig fruit growing on a  surface root (stolon)  from the base of the Ficus geocharis tree trunk on the left hand side of the photo. At least 4 different species of earth figs can be found within 50 meters of the Ulu Ulu resort buildings,  F.beccarii, F. geocharis, F.uncinata and F.megaleia.
Ficus geocharis. This is the curious fig that Martin was pointing at. Earth figs are covered in curved bracts to stop them being swallowed by seed predator ground birds such as emerald doves, pheasants and partridges. They grow on surface roots called stolons and are dispersed by mammals such as mousedeer.
Ficus geocharis. Look at the base of the leaves . On one side of each leaf base is an extension known as an “auricle” or ear.
The auricles at the base of the leaves  are distinctive for Ficus geocharis an earth fig found throughout the wet forests of Borneo up to at least 1,200 m.
Ficus geocharis fig fruits ripen from pale pink, to dark red, to glossy black with small white spots.