TYPE rubrocuspidata SING - Copy.jpgCopy of L0630527_LABEL.jpgRUBROCUSPIDATA Ficus rubrocuspidata  Corner (1960)   SECTION:SYCIDIUM

Latin: Red-pointed – presumably referring both to the figs and the pointed leaf tip.

Habit: A common small climber to 10m in the under storey of wet forest throughout Borneo.

Leaves: Medium size leaves 3-15cm but up to 23 cm long by 1.5-4.5cm wide with a smooth surface and entire (even) leaf edge. The leaves are distichous and almost symmetric with a distinctive very long pointed drip tip.

Sex: Dioecious.

Figs: Tiny figs (0.4-0.6 cm) are scattered in small clusters in the leaf axils and along the bare twigs. Figs ripen orange to bright scarlet red.

Similar species: None.

Distinguish: The tiny figs and the oblong leaves with a long pointed drip tip are distinctive. Distribution: A common endemic throughout the wetter areas of Borneo up to 1,500m on Kinabalu.

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