FICUS RUBROMIDOTIS  Corner (1960)                             SECTION: SYCIDIUM

Latin: Red wine jug – referring to the similarity of the fig to a traditional terracotta Grecian wine jug.

Habit: Small shrub or terrestrial climber to 5m common in wet rocky forest throughout Sarawak.

Very large leaves 20-36 cm but up to 34 cm long by 5-12 cm wide with a smooth surface and entire (even) leaf edge. The leaves are distichous and almost symmetric with a distinctive “auricle” on one side of the leaf base with 10-20 pairs of steeply ascending side veins. The petiole is short to 1 cm long but not absent.

Sex: Dioecious.

Tiny figs (0.6-1cm) grow in dense clusters on the trunk or branches. The figs hang from short peduncles up to 0.5cm long. Figs ripen bright scarlet red.

Ecology: Prefers  wet rocky forest along rivers or on limestone hills where it grows on over rocks.

Similar species: F.midotis.

Distinguish: From F. midotis (1) By location –this fig is rare outside the hills of Sarawak and Brunei

(2) Figs ripen bright scarlet red not orange/yellow.

(3) Has 10-20 leaf veins compared with 8-13 pairs for F. midotis.

(4) The midrib and side veins on the leaf are prominent above  NOT sunken or “impressed” as with Ficus midotis.

Range: Endemic to Borneo. Common throughout the hills of Sarawak and Brunei. Also recorded from West and Central Kalimantan. No records from Sabah or E Borneo.


Ficus rubromidotis Introduction.jpg