The hedge on the right-hand side of this photo which separates the rainforest from palm valley  at the Singapore Botanic Gardens is rich in shrubby figs including Ficus grossularioides and  Ficus chartaceae.

IMG_1088 - Copy.JPG
Ficus chartacea growing on the edge of the rainforest at Singapore Botanic Gardens
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Notice the single small pink leaf which is distinctive for Ficus chartaceae amongst the figs.
Ficus chartacea IMG_1127.JPG
Ficus chartaceae at Singapore Botanic Gardens. Notice the small white dots on the leaf the result of glands called hydathodes which the plant uses to expel excess water and mineral salts.
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Ficus chartacea. The water drops on this leaf are the result of water expelled by the plant (guttation), they are not the result of rain or dew. Many figs have hydathodes however they are most prominent in Ficus elastica, F. chartacea and F. septica. Note also the sharp pointed smooth stipule often ( but not always) reddish in colour.