The entrance to Wind Cave (Gua Angin) at Mulu in northern Sarawak. Note the tourists right down at the bottom and the shrubs growing in the entrance to the cave. Many of the shrubs are fig plants the result of fruit bat defecation. Small fruit bats (Cynopterus species)  roost above the entrance and  (Penthetor lucasi) deep inside the cave.

Melinau River IMG_4309.JPG
To get to Wind Cave you need to take a  30 minute boat trip along the Melinau River.
Ficus chartaceae IMG_4366.JPG
Ficus chartacea growing inside the cave mouth at Wind Cave, Mulu.
Ficus chartaceae IMG_4316.JPG
Ficus chartacea at the entrance to Wind Cave, Mulu.
Young leaf IMG_4376.JPG
Ficus chartacea, Wind Cave, Mulu. Note the distinctive young pink leaf.
young leaf IMG_4379.JPG
Ficus chartacea, Wind Cave, Mulu, Sarawak

Mulu Map

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