Differences between Ficus heteropleura and Ficus sinuata.

  1. The fig fruits of F. heteropleura are  rough or slightly hairy as illustrated above whilst the figs of F. sinuata are normally glaborous (smooth).
  2. The fig fruits of F. heteropleura have an obvious stalk or peduncle  and grow in bunches  from separate points on the twigs  whilst the  fig fruits of Ficus sinuata  have no  stalk or a very short stalk (peduncle)and are ramiflorus along the branches.
  3. The midrib of the leaf is raised  with F. sinuata but sunken with F. heteopleura. See Berg (2011) Disitinguish Ficus sinuata from Ficus heteropleura by raised mid rib   However this is not obvious in the Borneo species which both appear to have a flat mid-rib.


Ficus sinuata Corner drawing.jpg