Ficus cavernicola is very rare in herbarium collections but locally common around the Kinabalu Park buildings at Mesilau climbing up the forest trees surrounding the clearing. For example 3 out of the four trees on the RHS of the photograph above, are covered in root climbing Ficus cavernicola lianas.

The closest relative  to F. cavernicola is obviously Ficus ruginerva  but as yet there is no detailed research to  compare the differences between the two species and it may eventually turn out that they are conspecific i.e. the same species.

Ficus cavernicola IMG_0305.JPG

Note that there are 3 fig fruit in the photo above.

Ficus cavernicola IMG_0433.JPG

Ficus cavernicola IMG_2123.JPG

Ficus cavernicola IMG_2124.JPG

Kinabalu landslides  -17th March 2017 AP (55) ENHANCED FOR MESILAU  - Copy.JPG
The white areas on the blue granite show the location of massive landslides following an earthquake in June 2015. Mesilau  at the base of the Eastern shoulder of Kinabalu (on the RHS of the photo above) was badly affected.
Kinabalu Park.jpg
The earthquake of  June 2015 destroyed the access road to Mesilau and damaged many of the park buildings. Mesilau is no longer accessible to visitors.