Ficus recurva.

The photos in this article were taken by Quentin Phillipps at Mesilau, Kinabalu Park in October 2014 of a small fruiting twig that had been dropped by a foraging squirrel on the short path to the Mesilau Cave from the Kinabalu Park Mesilau Station offices.

Following an earthquake  on 02 June 2015 Mesilau Station is now closed to to visitors.

Ficus detonsa 01.JPG

Ficus detonsa IMG_1874 - Copy.JPG

Ficus detonsa IMG_1886.JPGFicus detonsa IMG_1887.JPG

A495 - Undersurface of detonsa leaf.jpg
Note that the small leaves are “revolute”  (with the edge of the leaf turned down and inwards)- a distinctive feature of this fig. The undersurface of the leaf is foveolate (covered in small pits or holes).


Kinabalu Park Mesilau offices (now closed). Before the earthquake of 5 June 2015 the forest surrounding these buildings was one of the best places in Borneo to find rare endemic figs including F. virescens, F. detonsa, F. cavernicola, F. eumorpha and F. oleifolia.

Kinabalu Park - Copy