Kipandi Butterfly Park is c. 700 m above sea level on the wet western slopes of Crocker Range next to the Kota Kinabalu to Tambunan Road. The surrounding forest mosaic of virgin and secondary forest is home to a very wide variety of figs including Ficus tengerensis  an uncommon fig of hill forest In Borneo.

Ficus tegerensis was classified as a variety of Ficus fistulosa in Berg (20050 but is regarded as a separate species on this website. For the reasons see;

Ficus tengerensis: Introduction

ficus-globosa-img_8961-enhancedLeaf IMG_8961 - Copy.JPGIMG_8968 - Copy.JPGIMG_8964 - Copy.JPGIMG_8962 - Copy.JPG

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A view of a hill rice swidden farm in the Crocker Range photographed from the Kipandi Butterfly Farm. Many Bornean figs species  evolved as pioneer colonisers of  landslides and forest gaps and are common in secondary forest.

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