Illustration above Ficus tengerensis  described as Ficus fistulosa in King (1888).

FICUS TENGERENSIS (Miq.) Kuntze (1891)                      SECTION SYCOCARPUS

Latin: From Tengger a volcanic mountain in east Java,  part of the  Tengger-Bromo-Semeru National Park.

Habit: Uncommon small tree  in hill forest throughout Borneo.  There are records from Kubah near Kuching but no records from Kalimantan where it almost certainly occurs.

Leaf: Consistently and distinctively smaller  and thicker than the leaves of Ficus fistulosa. The leaves normally have 4-6 pairs of side veins whereas  F. fistulosa leaves normally have  6-10 side veins. The leaves of both species have “weak” basal veins.

Fig Fruit: The small figs with curved peduncles  hang individually from the trunk (cauliflorus) or from the branches  (ramiflorus). The fig fruit are consistently smaller with relatively longer  peduncles than the fig fruits of Ficus fistulosa. The female fig fruit of F. tengerensis are bright purple inside whereas the  female fig fruit of F. fistulosa are red and the male fig fruits  of F. fistulosa are  yellow brown inside . The figs of Ficus fistulusa are normally grouped in bunches but hang individually with F. tengerensis.

Sex: Dioecious

Similar Species:

(1) Ficus fistulosa : See differences listed above

(2) Ficus globosa fig fruits grow in the leaf axils at the end of the twigs and are never cauliflorous. Ficus globosa petioles (leaf stalks) tend to be long and round whereas the petioles of F. tengerensis are short and grooved above.

Range: Borneo, Java, Malay Peninsula, South Thailand.

Taxonomy: Considered by many authors including King (1888), and  Berg (2005) to be variety of Ficus fistulosa. However both species occur together  in the same area and are consistently distinguishable by the smaller thicker leaves and smaller figs of Ficus tengerensis.

Ficus tengerensis Crocker Range (1984)
Ficus tengerensis: Collected at an altitude of 1,250m in the northern end of the Crocker Range in Sabah near Ranau in 1984 by John Beaman.
Ficus tengerensis Bario (1996).jpg
Ficus tengerensis: Collected at an altitude of 1,360m  at Bukit Lawi near Bario in N. Sarawak.
Ficus tengerensis Pulong Tau (2007).jpg
Ficus tengerensis: Collected in Pulong Tau National Park in N. Sarawak.
Ficus tengerensis Kubah (1999) e.jpg
Ficus tengerensis: Collected  along the Waterfall Trail in Kubah N.P. near Kuching.