GUL Ficus gul    Schum & Lauterb (1901)    SECTION SYCIDIUM

Latin: Refers to a local name in New Guinea.

Plant: Medium sized tree (Sycidium group) to 25 m. The glossy green leaves grow in spirals and are slightly dentate (toothed).

Fig: Very small with long stalks. The figs ripen green to dark red to dark purple.

Similar species: None

Distinguish: By the ramiflorus small green figs on long peduncles (stalks) which grow abundantly along the branches.

Distribution. A generally scarce tree of both primary and secondary forest throughout Sabah. Occurs up to 1,500m on Kinabalu and on the east coast of Borneo south to South Kalimantan. There are no records from Brunei, Sarawak and West and Central Kalimantan.

04 Ficus gul Range Map Green Line +text - .jpg

Range: From Borneo east to New Guinea and the Solomon Islands in the Pacific Ocean. Found throughout the Philippines apart from Palawan. One of a few fig species  that have arrived in Borneo from  the east  i..e  Sulawesi, Wallacea and New Guinea not having a Sundaland origin.