Bukit Silam is an isolated small mountain on the east coast of Sabah. The soil is ultrabasic,  rich in toxic minerals such as nickel,  which means that the land  is not suitable either for forestry or for agriculture. Ultrabasic soils support a very distinct flora compared with the normal soils in Borneo. This photo was taken from the viewpoint on Bukit  Silam looking south east over Darvel Bay (new name Telok Lahad Datu). Note also that geographers have difficulty in deciding if Silam is a  small mountain (Gunung) or large hill (Bukit)  so the name varies on different maps.

IMG_7654 - Copy.JPG

A young Ficus septica plant growing on Bukit Silam.   Ficus septica has the ability to thrive in very poor soils which would not be tolerated by most species of figs.

Silam and Danum Valley.jpg