Ficus spathulifolia. Collected by J.P.Van Niel  of the Central Washington University,  USA, 18 Feb.1967 in the Belait District, Brunei, Seria Oil Field Lorong 11. Collection held at the Leiden Herbarium L0702247.

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Ficus spathulifolia. Collected in kerangas swamp Sook Plain Keningau  by F. Sadau of the Sandakan Herbarium on 31 May 1965. SAN 49603. Collection held in the Leiden Herbarium L0702252.

SPOON LEAF FIG Ficus spathulifolia  Corner (1960)  SECTION:CONOSYCEAE

Latin: Spatula (spoon) shaped leaves.

Plant: Small tree or climber  to 25m common in kerangas and peat swamp forest throughout the coastal areas of Borneo, occasionally inland in areas of poor soil.

Leaf: Small spirally arranged leaves, 3-9cm long x 1.3-4cm wide with a petiole (leaf stalk) up to 1.5cm long. The leaves are stiff and glossy with lightly defined side veins.

Fig: Small fig 0.8-1cm, sessile (no stalk) in pairs in the leaf axils but often on the bare branches behind the leaves. The figs ripen green to orange to red.

Sex: Monoecious.

Similar species: Ficus tristanniifolia is a rare peat swamp fig likely to be found in similar locations and with similar looking leaves and figs.

Distingush: Ficus tristanniifolia has similar shaped obovate leaves with side veins that are almost invisible whist the side veins of F. spatulifolia are often indistinct but still clearly visible.

Distribution: A common fig of coastal swamps especially abundant in the peat swamp forests of Brunei and Sarawak but also found in poor (kerangas) soils throughout lowland Borneo. Sabah: Kimanis FR, Sook Plain, Keningau, Melangkap Tomis, Kinabalu (Beaman 2004). Brunei: Maritime Muzium BSB. Berakas FR, Nepenthes Reserve, Sg. Lumut, Jalan Labi, Belait swamp forest. Sarawak: Pandan Beach (Kuching), Permai Beach, Santubong. Kalimantan: Gng Palung (Kalbar) -the commonest fig in peat swamp forest, and also common in freshwater swamp forest, Nyaru Menteng Arboretum Palangkaraya (Kalteng)

Range: SE Malaya (rare), W. Sumatra (rare), Borneo (common).

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