Ficus septica, collected by Elmer in the Philippines from the Leiden Herbarium. The majority of Borneo’s figs originated in  the area known as Sundaland including the Malay Peninsula, Sumatra, Java, Palawan and Borneo. Most of Sundaland is now drowned under the South China Sea.

Ficus septica is one of several figs which have invaded Borneo by crossing Wallace’s Line from east to west. Other  east to west invaders include F. forstenii, F. gul, F.lawesii, F. glandifera, F.cuminigii, and F. minahassae.

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Sundaland & the Borneo Province.jpg
The green line above shows the area originally included in Sundaland. The area  surrounded by the yellow line  is the Borneo Province . The subject of this website is all the figs that are found growing within the Borneo Province including the Natuna Islands and Maratua.