Ficus cereicarpa. Anthea Phillipps holding Borneo’s largest fig leaf as well as a handful of the very unusual looking fig fruit.

Ficus cereicarpa IMG_3463 - Copy.JPG
Ficus cereicarpa is found throughout the wetter forests of  NW Borneo from Lambir Hills park  at sea level in northern Sarawak north to Kinabalu Park HQ at 1,500 m in the  Sabah mountains. The ruler in the photo is  15 cm in length.
Ficus cereicarpa IMG_3518 - Copy.JPG
Ficus cereicarpa. Young leaves are smaller than adult leaves and are initially covered with a silky fur.

Ficus cereicarpa IMG_3482 - Copy.JPG

Ficus cereicarpa IMG_3487 - Copy.JPG

Ficus cereicarpa IMG_3445 JQPF020 - Copy.JPG
Smothered in a dense mass of vegetation  including a ginger and a banana plant, who would realize that this Ficus cereicarpa is one of Borneo’s most interesting trees.
Ficus cereicarpa IMG_3440 JQPF020 - Copy.JPG
In this photo 3 Ficus cereicarpa trees  with large leaves overhang the main Kota Kinabalu- Tambunan Road as it crosses the Crocker Range. The leaves and fruit in the photos above were collected from one of these trees.

Crocker Range.jpg