Linus Gokusing collecting leaves from a Ficus geocharis tree at Kipandi 730m asl in the Crocker Range.

Ficus geocharis IMG_8873 - Copy.JPG
Base of Ficus geocharis tree growing on a hill slope at Kipandi in the Crocker Range. Quentin Phillipps to show the size of the buttresses.
Ficus geocharis IMG_8866 - Copy.JPG
Ficus geocharis  leaves and fig fruit. The fruit grow on long root like stolons at ground level.
Ficus geocharis IMG_9286 - Copy.JPG
Ficus geocharis is most common in wet hill forest throughout Borneo. The fig fruit in Sabah and Brunei are smooth (glaborous). Further south they may be covered with hairs.
Ficus geocharis IMG_8844 - Copy.JPG
Ficus geocharis. Note that the leaves grow in a flat plane but not opposite each other (distichous)

Ficus geocharis IMG_9273 - Copy.JPG

Ficus geocharis JQP018D Kipandi earth fig 111105 001.jpg
Ficus geocharis. Note the distinctive “ear” or auricle at the base of each leaf. Whilst a number of Bornean figs have “auricles” on their leaves Ficus geocharis is the only Earth Fig with an auricle. The rest are all ¬†lianas or climbers in Section :Sycidium