JAPANESE FIG Ficus erecta Thunb. (1786)    SECTION: FICUS

Habit: Shrub to 5m, often cultivated as a pot plant in Indonesia, Taiwan and Japan but rarely seen in Borneo.

Leaf: Very variable. Usually oblong 5-18 cm long by 1.5-8.5 cm wide.

Fig: Medium sized up to 2 cm diameter with a  variable length peduncle (stalk) abd prominent bracts over the ostiole. The fig ripens  orange to dark purple.

Sex: Dioecious

Range: Japan, China, Korea, Okinawa, Taiwan.

Ficus erecta King (1887) ENHANCED

FICUS  1280px-Ficus_erecta5 Wikimedia commons .jpg
Ficus erecta  Photo from Wikimedia Commons
Ficus_erecta6 Wikimedia commons .jpg
Ficus erecta Photo from Wikimedia Commons