The illustration above  is of Ficus allutaceae from George King (1887) The Species of Ficus of the Indo- Malayan and Chinese Countries. A close examination shows that the leaves and figs illustrated lower right appear to be Ficus apiocarpa whilst the figs shown in the upper  left hand corner appear to be Ficus lawesii.

The four collections from Borneo on the NATURALIS website all appear to be mistaken identifications either of  Ficus apiocarpa or of Ficus lawesii I am  therefore  removing Ficus allutacea from the list of Ficus native to Borneo as shown on this website.

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L.1593295 Sg Pinanggah FR LAWESII .jpg
This collection from the Pinangah Forest Reserve, Tongod refers to Ficus lawesii.
L.1593294 Kutai.jpg
This collection from Kutai in East Kalimantan refers to Ficus apiocarpa