WATER FIG Ficus allutacea  Corner (1939)       SECTION: KISSOYCEAE

Latin: allut-by water indicating that this fig is often found near streams.

Habit:  A scarce root climber up tree trunks in the lowlands of Borneo.

Leaf: Large leaves 10-20 cm long x 4-13 cm wide.

Sex: Dioecious.

Fig: The small figs (1-1.5cm) hang from the twigs on long peduncles up to 1.8cm long and ripen orange to red.

Similar species:

(1) F. apiocarpa has similar leaves and similar but larger figs.

(2) Has been confused with F. lawesii in herbariums.  F. lawesii has smaller leaves and the growth form is a liana whereas F. allutacea is a root climber.

Distribution: Very common in the Philippines and Java but very scarce in Borneo. Leiden herbarium has only four collections from Borneo including Ranau and Tongod in Sabah and Sengatta (Kutai) in East Kalimantan. It has been collected from Bunguran Besar the largest of the Natuna Islands in the South China Sea. There are no records from Brunei or Sarawak.

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