Ficus xylophylla  at Mulu growing as a hemi-epiphyte on a host tree in floodplain forest next to the boardwalk  that leads to the Deer Cave bat observatory. This fig was not fruiting at the time of our visit in December 2013 and was identified from the large, thick, leathery, oval leaves without a small drip tip and basal veins in the form of a V.Ficus xylophylla IMG_3362 - Copy.JPG

Ficus xylophylla IMG_3384 - Copy.JPG

Note that the paired basal veins start close to the base of the midrib creating a V shape. If they started higher up the midrib in the shape of a Y this would indicate Ficus stupenda.

Ficus xylophylla IMG_3388 - Copy.JPG

Mulu Map

north Sarawak Map