The TYPE  description of F. aureocordata  (also by Corner in 1960) is given below.

Ficus aurocordata CORNER.jpg
This illustration by J.H. Corner in the Gardens Bulletin Singapore (Vol.19. 1962)  is of the type collection  of Ficus aureocordata by Winkler from Bukit Raya in Central Kalimantan. The TYPE collection itself is in the photo below.

AUREOCORDATA  Ficus aureocordata  Corner (1962)  SECTION: ERIOSYCEA

 Latin: A golden fig (related to F. aurata) with cordate (heart shaped at the base) leaves.

Habit: A very rare large shrub or small tree to 10 m with large spirally arranged large leaves which are very similar to the leaves of Ficus fulva.

Leaves: Large leaves with a cordate base and hairy margin with only 4 to 6 pairs of veins.

Fig: Medium sized sessile orange yellow figs sparsely covered in long hairs with distinctive pointed bracts surrounding the ostiole, usually with one or two bracts on the side of the fig.

Similar Species: Similar to Ficus Bruneiensis, and Ficus auricoma  both very rare figs. See also Ficus diamantiphylla.

Distinguish: This species is unique amongst similar species in the lateral bracts on the side of the fig.

Distribution:  Berg (2005) records it as present in western and central Borneo between 1,000-1250m.

Sabah: No records

Brunei: According to Coode et al (1996) there are no records from Brunei.

Sarawak: An illustrated report from Sungei Lansat, Ulu Tutoh, Sarawak in the Tree Flora of Sabah & Sarawak is a mistaken Ficus bruneiensis.

Kalimantan: The type was collected on Bukit Raya, Kalimantan by Winkler at 1,250m and described by Corner in the Gardens Bulletin of Singapore (1960). There is also a collection in NATURALIS from Long Barang in East Kalimantan.

Taxonomy: “Though known from a single collection, this is a distinct species, peculiar in retaining the lateral bracts on the fig. It comes in leaf-shape between F. bruneiensis Corner and F. eumorpha Corner but the male flowers ally it with F. aurata Miq. (Corner 1962)

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