ABOVE: Note that the fine illustration on the front cover  of Flora of Thailand Vol. 10. Part 4, Cecropiaceae and Moraceae is a Ficus punctata NOT Ficus scaberrima.

Taxonomy: Corner (1965) recorded F. scaberrima as a subspecies of F. obscura . In Berg (2005)  subspecies Ficus obscura ssp  pisifera  and Ficus obscura subspecies scaberrima were raised to a separate species F. pisifera.

In Berg’s  Flora of Thailand( 2011) F. pisifera was renamed F. scaberrima. This was  the original name when this plant was first described. Following the priority rule of taxonomic nomenclature,  Berg realized that he had made a mistake in 2005 and took the opportunity to rectify this mistake in Flora of Thailand (2011). See page 550 in Berg & Pattharahirantricin (2011) Flora of Thailand.