The view from Kiau Gap (Local name: Lumu Lumu) on the road between Kinabalu Park HQ and the Timpohon Gate at the start of the climb to the summit of Kinabalu.

The peak in the middle of the photo is Anak Kinabalu (Child of Kinabalu in Malay). The local  Kiau Dusun name is Gunung Nungkok.

Lumu Lumu at around 1,700m asl is probably the most famous scientific collecting site on Kinabalu for both botanical and zoological specimens.

For example the TYPE collection of  Ficus endospermifolia was  made at Lumu Lumu.

Zoology: The endemic Kinabalu Black Shrew Suncus ater is known only from a single specimen collected at Lumu Lumu.

IMG_2674 - Copy.JPG
Mature Ficus malayana fruit growing  on the ground at Lumu Lumu.
IMG_2680 - Copy.JPG
Immature Ficus malayana fruit growing on the ground next to the road at Lumu Lumu.
IMG_2688 - Copy.JPG
Leaves of a young tree or sapling Ficus malayana growing next to the road at Lumu Lumu at 1,700m on Kinabalu.
IMG_2691 - Copy.JPG
Ficus malayana, Kiau Gap, Kinabalu. Note the lobe on one side at the base of the leaf and the dentate (toothed) leaf margin. of the young leaves. Old leaves  have mainly smooth margins.

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