In 1954, G H S Wood was the Conservator of Forests of the British Crown Colony of North Borneo,  now Sabah, a state in Malaysia. Wood later became the first Park Warden of Kinabalu Park.

Lumu Lumu is the local name for the Kiau Gap, the view point on the dividing ridge on Kinabalu between west and east Sabah.

Prior to 1954, Kinabalu and its figs had been extensively collected by  many botanists including Gibbs,  the Clemmens and Carr.

It is astounding that these botanists did not collect F. endospermifolia which is now one of the most common and obvious figs in the montane forest surrounding Kinabalu Park HQ.

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01 Kiau Gap IMG_1102.jpg
View from the Kiau Gap towards Kota Kinabalu on the west coast of Sabah. The peak in the photo is Anak Kinabalu (Child of Kinabalu in Malay) or Gunung Nungkok (Dusun) .

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