Ficus fulva. Note (1) That the juvenile leaf at the top is much larger than the “adult” leaf at the bottom. This is a common feature of many plants in the Moraceae family which includes the Artocarpus  (Jakfruit, Breadfruit, Tarap  etc) and the figs. Note (2) The larger leaf is dotted with a regular pattern of white dots. These are “hydathodes” or glands  which expel water from the leaf a process known as guttation.
Ficus fulva. Note that the stipule or terminal leaf bud  is pale green. Different species of Eriosycea figs may have different coloured stipules including red or orange (eg. F. endospermifolia and F.bruneoaurata). Ficus eumorpha has a brown stipule. Unfortunately the fig most often confused with F. fulva, which is Ficus aurata  also has a green stipule. To distinguish between Ficus fulva and Ficus aurata cut open the fig fruit. F. aurata figs are full of sharp hairs whilst Ficus fulva have none.