Estuarine crocodiles wait below  fruiting Ficus racemosa fig trees for  shark catfish  Pangassius kinabatangensis (Ikan Patin in Malay) to  arrive to feed on the ripe falling figs. Illustrations by Karen Phillipps.

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Ficus racemosa fig trees grow right at the river’s edge often leaning out over the river. When the river is high the whole tree may be surrounded by water.
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Many mammals and birds feed on the ripe figs of Ficus racemosa including hornbills

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……….. and Long-tailed Macaques.

An interesting article by Luke Evans  describes how satellite tagged  large estuarine crocodiles  Crocodylus porosus on the Kinabatangan River  habitually rested under trees that overhung the river and speculates that the crocodiles were waiting for Long-tailed Macaques that usually roost in such trees to fall or jump into the river.  This  probably  does happen  from time to time but it is more likely that the crocodiles are waiting for Shark Catfish (Ikan Patin) to arrive to feed on the figs that fall into the river.

Evans et al (2017) Riparian vegetation structure and hunting behavior of adult estuarine crocodiles

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