This photo above shows the entrance to  Batang Duri Park at Temburong in Brunei. Ficus kocummeniana is growing as a small strangler on a host tree in the center of the photo.

Photo Thanks to Joremy Tony

Ficus kochummeniana 03 IMG_2185

Ficus kochummeniana 06 IMG_2190.JPG

Ficus kochummeniana 02 .JPG

02 Kochummeniana at Batang Duri JQP IMG_2640

03 Kochummeniana at Batang Duri JQP IMG_2640 - Copy - Copy

Ficus kochummeniana 05.JPG

Ficus kochummeniana IMG_2195.JPG


Batang Duri zoo 01 IMG_2305.JPG
Batang Duri Park is extremely rich in in different species of figs including Ficus spathuliifolia, Ficus callophylla and Ficus pellucidopunctata. The photo above shows the exit to the Batang Duri mini zoo  on the opposite side of the road from the park. The zoo is even richer in figs than the park including Ficus subgelderi, Ficus annulata,  Ficus deltoidea, Ficus parietalis, Ficus punctata, Ficus dubia, Ficus elastica and Ficus subcordata.