Ficus annulata growing as an epiphyte at mid-canopy level on a tree on Bukit Ara, Wasai Bedanu Waterfall, Kiudang, Brunei. (This locality was previously known as Project Habitat and is currently designated as Meriuk Farm Stay).

Growing on the same tree  at the same time was a much larger Ficus subgelderii covered in ripe figs which attracted barbets and bulbuls.

Ficus subgelderi at Wasai Bedanu

Ficus bracteata Berdanu 02
Ficus annulata is easy to recognize even when it is not fruiting due to the spectacular large heavily ribbed leaves and the persistent stipules (the dry brown stipules hanging from the terminal leaflets). This individual was sterile (no fruit).
Ficus bracteata Berdanu 03 IMG_0854.JPG
Note that in Borneo at least Ficus annulata often have dead stipules  (persistent stipules) on the twigs as shown above.

Ficus bracteata  Berdanu 03  IMG_0387.JPG