A rare Ficus callophylla at Batang Duri Park, Temburong, Borneo. Although this tree is small and standalone, Ficus callophylla can grow  high in the canopy  as a hemi-epiphyte. The leaves are similar to another rare strangler Ficus subcordata and  the two species are best distinguished by the size of the fig fruits. Small in F. callophylla and very large in F. subcordata. Photo by Arlene Walshe.

Ficus subcordata IMG_2203.JPGFicus subcordata IMG_2215

Ficus subcordata IMG_2205.JPG

Ficus subcordata IMG_2207.JPG

Ficus subcordata IMG_2213.JPG

Ficus subcordata 0C7A3295 - Copy.JPG
A stand alone small Ficus subcordata  growing at Batang Duri Park, Temburong, Brunei. Photo by Arlene Walshe.