Arlene Walshe displaying a terminal leaf bunch of a Ficus annulata fig growing near the exit gate of the  the Batang Duri mini zoo at Temburong in Brunei. This fig had just fruited when we visited and the large  decaying figs littered the ground underneath. F. annulata figs normally ripen green/yellow and are dispersed by large fruit bats. These bats (Flying Foxes)  are now rare in the area – probably the result of being hunted for food by the local Ibans.

Bracteata Batang Duri 07
Ficus annulata normally grows as a straggling hemi-epiphytic liana high in the canopy but this individual is obviously an exception  growing as a tree with it’s roots in the ground.
Bracteata Batang Duri 02.JPG
Note that  F. annulata is very variable in morphology . The fig may be smooth or in this case hairy. The  dried stipules may be cauducus (falling off) or persistent as in this case. The fig fruit may have a short peduncle (stalk) or may be sessile (without a stalk)  as in this case.

Bracteata Batang Duri 05.JPG

Bracteata Batang Duri 03.JPG

Bracteata Batang Duri 04.JPG

IMBracteata Batang Duri 0 8.JPG

Bracteata Batang Duri 09
Ficus annulata leaf underside.
Bracteata Batang Duri 06_2450.JPG
Ficus annulata saplings which have established at ground level nearby.

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