The view from a lookout on the path down from the plateau at Bako. The view shows the  range of hills on the Sarawak Kalimantan border.

Ficus benghalensis IMG_2804
On the right hand side of the fence  you can see some chopped branch stumps on the edge of a cliff. This is a Ficus benghalenis which has just been heavily pruned  by Bako Park staff, presumably to open up the view.
Ficus benghalensis IMG_2785.JPG
The photo shows the pruned Ficus benghalensis. How this Indian fig got here is anyone’s guess. F. benghalensis is not native to Borneo although it is often planted around Indian temples in Borneo. I have seen no evidence that it is naturalised,  so presumably someone planted a cutting many years ago at this idyllic spot.


Ficus benghalensis IMG_2789.JPG

Ficus benghalensis IMG_2792.JPG

Ficus benghalensis IMG_2797.JPG
The view down to Buntal Bay below

Bako Sarawak Map.jpg