A colugo feeding on Ficus microcarpa leaves  in the forest next to the visitor cabins at Bako National Park, Sarawak, Borneo. Ficus microcarpa is  by far the most common large strangling fig at Bako. According to a study  by D. Nasir (2012)  Behavioural Ecology of the Sunda Colugo, colugos feed on the leaves of about 30 different species of common trees at Bako but Ficus microcarpa leaves are some of the most preferred.

Colugo IMG_2181.JPG

The colourful ears appear like eyes at the back of the head  presumably to deter attacks from behind.

The grey camouflage fur shows that this individual is a female. Males are usually rufous or dull orange rather than grey. Observations appear to show that females are four times more common than males, but no one knows if  this unbalanced sex ratio begins at birth or is the result of  an increased  mortality of males.