The photo shows Bako Bay on a promontory of the coast near Kuching Sarawak. Bako is one of the wettest places in Borneo with rainfall exceeding 4 m per annum. Generally the wettest forest is the richest forest for fig species but figs are not particularly common at Bako.  The individual Ficus grossularioides illustrated below was next to the path that climbs up the ridge shown in the background of the photo. Notice the size of the humans on the beach. The hill is a steep climb !

Ficus grossularioides Bako IMG_2747
The steep path hd recently be tidied up by Bako Park staff and  most of the path side vegetation was damaged including this fig.

Ficus grossularioides  Bako  IMG_2734.JPG

Ficus grossularioides  Bako  IMG_2728.JPG
Ficus grossularioides has hollow stems like many quick growing fig species.

Ficus grossularioides  Bako  IMG_2748.JPG

Ficus grossularioides  Bako  IMG_2743.JPG
Ficus grossularioides is very variable in many ways including leaf shape and size and the amount of hairs on the leaf and twigs . Some varieties have dense white hairs on the undersurface of the leaf. In this individual there were none.

Ficus grossularioides  Bako  IMG_2873.JPG