Ficus lawesii is a common strangler in New Guinea but rare and little known in Borneo with only a few records including Danum Valley Field Centre, and Sipitang in Sabah.  Also Sg Mayeng in Sarawak (3rd division Tau Range) and the  Sangkulirang Peninsula in East Kalimantan.  At present there are no records for Brunei although it is very likely to occur. This fig is also found in the Philippines but is absent from Sulawesi and Moluccas. All photos are by Miyabi Nakabayashi who discovered this fig whilst tracking binturongs feeding in fig trees at Maliau in Sabah.

Lawesii Miyabi Maliau DSC00887 - Copy
Note that the tiny figs are on stalks or peduncles up to 1.2 cm long.

Lawesii Miyabi Maliau DSC00905 - Copy.JPGLawesii Miyabi Maliau DSC00906 - Copy.JPG

Lawesii Miyabi Maliau DSC00904 - Copy.JPG
The tiny Ficus lawesii  figs have a prominent  rim around the ostiole and ripen green to yellow green. in Borneo they are dispersed by fruit bats and binturongs.