This tree (believed to be a Calophyllum species)  growing next to the road to Agathis Camp at Maliau has  been colonised by two different species of hemi-epiphytic “stranglers”.

06 3Y3A2569
There are three different groups of the leaves in this photo. The leaves at the very top belong to the host tree. The lighter green leaves in the middle belong to a Ficus forstenii and the darker leaves  on the lower left hand side of the tree belong to  a different undetermined strangler.
05 3Y3A1919.JPG
All the yellow leaves in this photo are Ficus forstenii The  two green leaves in the upper right hand side  are believed to belong to the host tree.
04 3Y3A1966.JPG
This photo shows the very different leaves of the two stranglers. The ficus in front which is about to fruit is possibly Ficus caulocarpa. The leaves at the back  are definitely Ficus forstenii.
01 3Y3A2566.JPG
Two different sets of hanging roots  have reached the ground. There is no evidence that either  epiphytic ficus is attempting to strangle the  host tree, however the burden of carrying two different  epiphytic ficus is  probably  unsustainable  and when the host tree dies it will take the two ficus with it.
02 3Y3A2562.JPG
The road to Agathis Camp at Maliau. The host  tree with the two  hemi-epiphytic “stranglers” is on the left.