Ficus forstenii is a rare fig on the west coast of Borneo but quite common on the E. coast.  In the forests of the Maliau Basin in E. Sabah F. forstenii is the second most common large strangler after F. kerkhovenii.  This fig is common in the Philippines and Sulawesi but rare in Malaya indicating an original evolution east of Wallace’s Line.

Ficus forstenii 10 IMG_0238.JPG
Note that the veins on the upper surface of the leaf are clearly depressed  and the veins on the undersurface are very prominent.
Ficus forstenii 07 3Y3A2534.JPG
Ficus forstenii is one of a few true strangling figs in Borneo but can grow in varied ways.  Here F. forstenii is growing as a stand alone tree on the road next to the Maliau Basin Study Centre in East Sabah. This fig was covered in  bright red fruit in late December 2017.

Ficus forstenii 05 .JPG

Ficus forstenii 06 3Y3A1748.JPG
Ficus forstenii tends to fruit in large crops and according to binturong expert Miyabi Nakabayashi the fruit are very attractive to a wide range of animals including binturongs.

Ficus forstenii  043Y3A1735.JPGFicus forstenii 02  3Y3A1725.JPG