Ficus caulocarpa is one Bornean fig  that has a leaf that is instantly recognizable. Note the long reddish petiole (leaf stalk) and “hinge” at the junction of the petiole and leaf blade. Ficus caulocarpa is quite common both in secondary and primary forest throughout Borneo.  The figs are small and ripen white/ pink in vast numbers along the twigs. This particular fig grows on the far side of the Maliau River from the Belian campsite where the canopy bridge used to be. Unfortunately the canopy bridge was knocked down in a tree fall and has not been replaced. However the fig was unharmed.

Ficus caulocarpa IMG_0411

The black-water Maliau River that flows past Belian Camp shortly before it joins the Kuamut River, eventually reaching the sea as the mighty Kinabatangan, the largest river in Sabah.

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This particular Ficus caulocarpa fig tree is already famous. See the attached article about the birds and mammals that attended this fig when it was fruiting, including 13 different species of bulbuls.  Sreekar, Le, Harrison (2010) Ficus caulocarpa fruiting at Maliau

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