Sayap is a small sub-station of Kinabalu Park on the very wet western slopes of Kinabalu. The area is bisected by numerous  narrow valleys and fast flowing streams. This stream is known as the Sungai Kemantis. Sg. Kemantis is a tributary of the Sungai Wariu, which itself is a tributary of the Tempassuk River which flows past Kota Belud and into the sea at Kuala Abai. See the map at the bottom of this article.

Ficus lepicarpa Sayap IMG_0789.JPG

The wetter the climate in Borneo the greater the variety of fig species . Sayap is very rich in rare interesting figs.  Growing up the tree at the back is the rare root climber Ficus densechini with large leaves and enormous figs the size of a very large orange. In the stream below are two examples of Ficus lepicarpa which grows as a small tree.

Ficus lepicarpa IMG_0787
The  small Ficus lepicarpa  fig tree in the foreground is growing right in the middle of the stream. Ficus lepicarpa is typically found growing along the banks of small sluggish streams in the lowlands of  Sundaland east to Sualwesi. Curiously it has yet to be recorded from Kalimantan.  The Sg Kemantis and other streams near Sayap are lined with Ficus lepicarpa trees overhanging the stream.  Obviously fish are important dispersers of Ficus lepicarpa.


Ficus lepicarpa Sayap 3Y3A4441.JPG

Ficus lepicarpa 3Y3A4440.JPG

Ficus lepicarpa IMG_0783.JPG
Sayap is around 3 hours drive from Kota Kinabalu or 1.5 hours drive from Kota Belud. There is no accommodation at Sayap but many good homestays are available in the nearby Kampong Sayap around 20 minutes drive from the park entrance.

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