Ficus maclellandii  is a non-native introduced ornamental  fig often used as a landscaping plant in hot countries including Borneo.

Ficus celebensis
A row of four Ficus maclellandii  planted along the access road to the Marina at Sutera Harbour.

Ficus celebensis IMG_8233.JPG

Ficus celebensis IMG_8234.JPG

Ficus celebensis IMG_8235.JPG

Ficus celebensis IMG_8261.JPG
Even though there are no fig wasps associated with this fig in Borneo it still produces fig fruit. However the fruit are sterile (without seeds) and cannot reproduce.
Sutera Harbour IMG_8232.JPG
The view from the Marina at Sutera Harbor towards Gaya Island. Gaya Island is still covered in the original dipterocarp forest native to the west coast of Borneo.