A fallen Ficus consociata by the roadside at Maliau is a good chance to take some close up photos of the very distinctive young hairy leaves. The figs were not ripe  when we visited but when this individual fig tree has fruited in the past, the fig fruit proved very popular with Brown Barbets and bulbuls.  Honor Phillipps and Miyabi Nakabayashi show the size.Ficus consociata oIMG_0287

Ficus consociata IMG_0265.JPG

Ficus consociata IMG_0268.JPG

Ficus consociata IMG_0270.JPG

Ficus consociata IMG_0272.JPG

Ficus consociata IMG_0286.JPG
Note the  characteristic dirty looking scurf  on the underside of this  F. consociata leaf. Ficus drupacea  leaves may also sometimes have a similar scurf.
Maliau Study Centre IMG_0259.JPG
A view of the Maliau Basin Study Centre in central Sabah, from the entrance road . The tall tree in the foreground is a dipterocarp hosting  a large  hemi-epiphytic Ficus kerkhovenii with  one large drop down root next to the trunk.  The fallen F. consociata  illustrated in this article is  500m back along the access road.
Maliau Map.jpg
The Maliau Basin is a rugged  area of  fully protected hill forest in central Sabah, (N. Borneo). Politically Sabah is a state in East Malaysia