Grey Imperial Pigeon Ducula pickeringi  on Pulau Kakaban  in the Derawan Islands, East Kalimantan This rare island pigeon is still common in the forest on Kakaban. Along with other island pigeons and fruit bats they are important dispersers of fig seeds between islands.

Ficus concinna IMG_7810
Ficus prasinicarpa growing in beach forest on Pulau Kakaban in the Derawan islands off the coast of East Kalimantan.

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Ficus concinna IMG_7821.jpg

Ficus concinna  IMG_7804.jpg

Pulau Kakaban IMG_2515.jpg
The boat jetty on the southern sea shore of Kakaban island. Kakaban is an atoll the remnant of a small volcano and there is a large saltwater  lake in the middle of  the island.
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The saltwater “crater lake” in the centre of Pulau Kakaban.
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The saltwater “crater lake” in the centre of Kakaban is inhabited by four species of stingless jellyfish.
Kakaban beach IMG_8524 - Copy.jpg
The sea beach on the south coast of Kakaban. Three species of figs grow along this beach. Ficus microcarpa is  very common. Also two rare coastal figs absent from most of Borneo (1) Ficus tinctoria var tinctoria and  (2) Ficus prasinicarpa.
Kakaban IMG_7848.jpg
Virgin beach forest along the southern coast of Kakaban. The coconuts appear to be self sown  by the the sea rather than planted.
Kakaban island IMG_2619.jpg
View of Pulau Kakaban from Pulau Maratua .

Pulau Maratua Kakaban CCI09022018_0002.jpg