For many years Ficus pellucidopunctata was known as Ficus gelderi (Miquel 1867). Geld is the  German name for gold  and this fig was named the “Golden Fig” because herbarium specimens of the leaves dry a shiny golden brown. Ficus subglderi leaves also dry a shiny golden brown and “subgelderi” means “similar to Ficus gelderi. The leaves of these two fig species can be distinguished  from each other because the  side veins are less numerous and more prominent in Ficus subgelderii.

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These leaves were collected under a strangling fig tree which grows just inside the forest at the start of the Wildlife Trail at the Maliau Basin Study Centre in Sabah.

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The Maliau Basin is in the centre of Sabah just north of the border with Kalimantan. A recently designated forest protection order connects the Maliau Basin with fully protected forest at  the Imbak Canyon and Danum Valley.