Ficus nervosa  tree next to the  river bridge 10 minutes drive from Sayap sub-station in the Kinabalu Park. The heavy rain made photography difficult.

Ficus dubia IMG_0854
Ficus nervosa  on the left next to the bridge. Between the bridge and the fig tree is an ominous mist net. Mist nets are used for trapping birds and bats, normally so that they can be eaten. Unfortunately unlike most of the rest of the world, mist nets are not banned in Borneo
Ficus dubia IMG_0859.JPG
The mist net had been left  extended even though there were no ripe figs on the tree.
Ficus dubia IMG_0871 - Copy.JPG
There were still some rotting figs hanging from the tree. No wonder the local birds had been scared away.

Ficus nervosa Sayap Kinabalu IMG_0871.JPG01 IMG_0894.JPG

This very long slightly fuzzy pointed stipule is characteristic of  Ficus nervosa subspecies pubinervis which is the subspecies found in Borneo

Ficus dubia IMG_0895 - Copy.JPG
Note the reddish/green  needle like stipule. Needle like stipules are  characteristic of  Ficus dubia, Ficus subulata,  Ficus chartacea  and Ficus nervosa subspecies pubnervis.
Ficus dubia Sayap IMG_4963 - Copy.JPG
Sayap is one of the most scenic areas of Borneo with many fast flowing streams  pouring down from the  very wet western slopes of Kinabalu to join the  Wariu and then the Tempasuk River which runs down past Kota Belud and joins the sea at Kuala Abai.
Ficus dubia IMG_0877.JPG
Killing  and eating all the local birds is not a good way of encouraging bird watchers to visit Sayap !

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